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DIY Miniature Trading and Collecting Cards

Looking to create some miniature Pokémon cards of your own? Or even have you figures play Magic? Well, all it takes is some paper, a printer, some glue and a little bit of cutting!

Step One: Choose Your Cards Figure out what kind of cards you want to make, My handmade cards are Pokémon cards, but there are many types of cards to choose from! How about trying your own miniature Magic cards? Or even just a simple pack of playing cards! Firstly, you'll want to have images of the cards you're planning on making. Images of both the front and back of the cards. Put your images onto your computer software (I use Microsoft Word) and size them to the size you need. Ensure that the images are all the same size.

Step Two: Print, Cut and Stick Print out your miniature cards, paper or card works fine, and cut them out as precisely as you can. Once all your cards are cut out, glue the front and back images together. Remember to check which way you're gluing the front and back images together so that you don't glue them the wrong way round!

Step Three: Tidy Up If you're a perfectionist, you may not need to follow this step, however, if you have stuck your images together to create the whole card and you still find the back image is a little larger than the front (or vice versa) then simply just cut off the part which is overlapping, and tidy up the edges of your cards.


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