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DIY Miniature Books and Manga

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Paper craft is an easy and quick way to create detailed miniatures that can really help pack an impact to your own miniature world. Wanting to add some vintage vibes to your miniature library? Or maybe some magazines to decorate your cosy Living Room table? Well, here's how you can create your own miniature book worm haven!

Step One: Choosing your books So, miniature books and magazines are by far one of the easiest things to make. Simply find the image of the book you want to create, alongside the books back cover to give your prop it's full detail, and place them side by side on your computer software (I tend to use Microsoft Word). Make sure you size your images to the size you want your books to be.

Toy Photography of Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid Toy Photofraphy reading miniature paper craft Zelda Manga books

Step Two: Print and Cut Print out your miniature book cover on either paper or card, and fold down the centre between the front cover and back cover. Remember, if you are making a Manga book, then ensure the book cover image is on the left hand side, with the back cover on the right hand side (as seen in the book Link is holding above).

Miniature paper craft legend of zelda manga books used for toy photography or doll house crafting

Step Three: Adding Pages If you want to add extra detail and pages to your book, simply cut out rectangular pieces of paper that are slightly smaller than your book cover, fold in half, and glue those folds to the fold inside your book cover! This creates the pages of the book, where your figures can be drawing, writing, reading, or scrap booking!

Toy Photography of Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid sticking miniature photos into DIY miniature papercraft book. Scrapbook making and nendoroid photography.

Step Four: Read Away! Now your books are complete, why not add them to some shelves to make your own miniature library! Have your characters drawing, or reading, or writing, creating your own miniature book worms! 


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