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DIY Miniature Nendoroid Boxes

Making your own props and dioramas can be a tricky business, especially if you have no idea on the tools and equipment you made need, or where to start. This blog will take you through how to make your own miniature Nendoroid boxes for your own miniature world!

Step One: An Image Of What You Need Firstly, figure out which box you are looking to re-create, I tend to use Nendoroid boxes as they are my favourite types of figures. Once you know which box you want to create, gather images of the box from each side. You can do this by either photographing each side of the box (if you own the box itself) or find images of the box from each angle.

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Nendoroid Link Carrying Nendoroid Boxes

Step Two: Create a Template Once you have all your images of each side of the box, put your images together to create a template. This can be done easily on programmes such as Microsoft Word. A template can be found below to help you structure your box. Remember to make this template the size you need before adding photos to ensure your box is the perfect size!

Step Three: Print Out Now that you have your template filled with the images of the box you are wanting to create, print them out on plain paper or card and cut around the template. Ensure that you do not cut off the blank sections of the template, these will be used to join your box together.

Nendoroid Box Template for making your own tint Nendoroid Boxes! Toy Photography.
Nendoroid Box Template

Step Four: Fold and Stick Fold your template along each side (shown as the red lines in image 'STEP FOUR') to form the 3D shape of your box. Use glue across each flap (shown in image 'STEP FOUR' with the word 'Glue') to then stick your box together. Sections named with 'Glue' must be stuck underneath the images on your box, as not to overlap your image.

DIY Miniature Nendoroid Box, make your own miniature nendoroid box, papercraft, paper craft, crafting,miniature
Step Four

Step Five: Allow Glue to Dry Leave your miniature box to allow the glue to set properly, otherwise your box may fall apart! I know you may be eager to get photographing or using them as props, but hey, a little patience pays off!

Step Six: Get Creative! Now your boxes are all dry and ready to use! Give your toys a toy of their own, photograph them, or simply just get crafty! 

Nendoroid Breath of the Wild Link Toy Photography playing with miniature DIY Nendoroid boxes. Paper Craft Nendoroid Figma boxes


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