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Curious Life of Pokémon

Curious Life of Pokémon is a miniature series which focuses on Pokémon in their natural habitats, and the things they get up to when their trainers aren't watching... The idea for this photo series was inspired by 'The Secret Life of Pets', where I thought the idea of seeing what animals really get up to when they think no one is watching would work perfectly for Pokémon too!

Not only has this been a fun project to compliment my other toy photography journeys, but it has also acted as a way for me to push my story telling and help build my creativity through writing, something I have often loved to do but seldom have time for. This blog is a progression page, somewhere for me to add each episode to, along with the stories and notes behind each image.


Episode One: Leaf Green

Toy Photography of Bulbasaur from Pokemon. A wild Bulbasaur shades itself from the sun on the woodland floor.

The fiery red sun hung low in a sky filled with scattered clouds, its heat soaking into the woodland grounds of Kanto. Deep in the woods, a wild Bulbasaur uses a large leaf that has fallen from the tree tops to shades itself. Although Autumn is creeping nearer, Summer's blazing heat refuses to let fall bloom.

This little guy is off on his journey to find the hidden garden in Kanto, a gathering place for Bulbasaur's where they all evolve into Ivysaur's. It's said that the ceremony that takes place in this secret location is led by a Venusaur elder, and only happens once a year, making it an extremely rare gathering to witness...

Photographer's Notes: When starting this series I spent a long time wondering which Pokémon to start with. Do I focus on the original Gen 1 Pokémon first? Or just pick them at random? Well, It seemed like the best way to get started was to start with 001, #Bulbasaur.

The location of this shot was taken at a local park in #Cheltenham, just a stone throw away from where I live.

Episode Two: Head In The Clouds

Toy Photography by CuriousHerring of a Ditto Dragonite from Pokemon. Ditto stands on the treetops ready to learn to fly.

Ditto believes you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. All you have to do is take a leap and learn to fly amongst the clouds...

This Ditto watched a Dragonite fly overhead, and instantly fell in love with it's beautiful features and the way it could soar effortlessly through the skies.

It immediately took shape and transformed into an exact replica, and was caught walking along the treetops, admiring the world below as life drifted by beneath it.

Photographer's Notes: This #Ditto is one of my favourite #Pokémon figures in my collection. I bought him from a Gashapon machine whilst I was in #Japan, and since then he has travelled across the globe with me, from Japan, across Europe and throughout England!

For the location of this image I really wanted to capture a more magical feeling, so I visited Lineover Woods in Cheltenham. The great thing about the Cotswolds is the convenience of having every kind of location at my fingertips. Dense lush forests, city life, rolling hills, and even the ocean is only a drive away.

Episode Three: Nesting

Toy Photography by CuriousHerring of Rowlet Pokemon from the Selene (Mizuki) Figma made by the Good Smile Company. Rowlet sits in a nest on top of the swamp waters of the forest.

A wild Rowlet sits in it's nest for hours at a time to keep it's eggs warm, ready for hatching. Somewhere within the swamps, this Rowlet has made her home perched upon a branch that overlooks the crystal waters, making it easier and quicker for her to find insects and fish to eat.

She has been sat here for nearly three days now, waiting patiently for her chicks to hatch. A mother Rowlet will do anything to keep her eggs safe, embracing the stormy weathers or defending her home against vicious predators that may attack.

Her eggs will hatch anywhere between 5 - 8 days, so now it's a waiting game.

Photographer's Notes: I spent a good hour or two trying to make the nest for this shot, which kept falling apart and seriously drove me a little insane! The #Rowlet figure is part of the Selene (Mizuki) #Figma set made by the Good Smile Company.

The heart of my local town holds the starting point of the River Severn, called Severn Springs. This spring is an amazing location for toy photography, where it's shallow clean waters trickle through the hills and is filled with lush greenery.

Episode Four: Bubbly Fun

Toy Photography by CuriousHerring of Horsea from Pokemon. Curious Life of Pokemon, Horsea takes a bath in the kitchen sink whilst Ash is out of town.

Whilst Ash is out of town training, Horsea decides to take a bubble bath in the sink. Spilling bubbles onto the floor, he fills the sink to the brim with hot water, adding half a bottle of washing up liquid! Ash is in for a messy welcome home when he returns from his travels after this cheeky Horsea has soaked the place!

Photographer's Notes: For the set up for this shot I filled my #miniature sink with real water and bubbles, placing miniatures around #Horsea for extra detail. I had decided to go for a different look with this image, using an indoor set up as if the Horsea had been left home alone.

Episode Five: Early Bird Gets the Worm

Fletchling Pokemon Toy Photography

Golden hour rises over Santalune Forest, where a wild Fletching is found scoping the grounds in search for breakfast. She leaves her nest twice a day to find worms and insects to bring back, and early morning journeys mean she's first in line to catch the juiciest of critters! Photographer Notes: This photograph was the first time I had ever used this #Fletchling Pokémon figure in an image, which is another positive outcome of this mini series; it gives me more reason to photograph figures that otherwise stay stood on my shelf to collect dust! I almost gave up half way through this image as getting Fletching to stand without assistance proved extremely difficult. Episode Six: Desert Heat

Toy Photography of Vulpix Pokemon from G.E.M Pokemon Series.

Vulpix explores the desert in search for shelter before the sun sets. She is at comfort in the blazing heat that the day brings, but as darkness draws near she knows the cold nights are coming.

If she saves up enough energy, she can use flamethrower to build a fire, and, in fact, most of her kind count on it for the bitter nights.

This lone Vulpix appears to be without a pack, but she won't give up hope just yet. One thing that keeps her fire burning is the company of her kind, and it's certain that this Vulpix's flame is still burning bright.

Photographer's Notes: I took this photo in the grounds of #SudeleyCastle located in the Cotswolds. I always find it funny how people will stop as their walking past, curious to see what I'm up to. This #Vulpix figure is from a G.E.M Pokemon series, and came with Brock and Geodude.

Episode Seven: Magic Dust

Clefairy Pokemon Figure from Nendoroid Lillie Dancing in the magical woods.

In the depths of the woodland stands an area untouched by humans. In fact, it can only be found by a human if led by a Pokémon whose bond is proved to be unbreakable. This sanctuary is kept alive by the magic of fairy Pokémon, where their magic pours into the grounds and up through the treetops, hiding its beauty from the world.

This rare sighting of a Clefairy dancing was caught on the outskirts of the hidden sanctuary, before disappearing completely. It is said that to enter, each Pokémon must perform this same dance.

Photographer's Notes: For a while I had wanted to try something different with my work, so trying out a new style seemed to suit this photo best. This #Clefairy figure is from the Lillie #Nendoroid set, and as soon as I received it I knew whatever photos I took with it had to be as magical as possible. Lots of pink and purple tones helped me create the style I was after,

Episode Eight: Waterfront Snooze

Toy photography of Sleeping Squirtle from Pokemon Gashapon figure. Squirtle sleeps by the waterfront.

The faint sound of water pouring fiercely from a waterfall in the distance creates such a soothing sound that many Pokémon find themselves falling asleep to it. This Squirtle has found a rock safely tucked away in the undergrowth. The perfect place for a midday snooze...

Photographer's Notes: The weather had been awful outside, and all I could think about was wanting to take this shot of my #Squirtle Pokémon. The rain had flooded a lot of areas near where I live, so once the downpour came to an intermittent stop I grabbed my camera gear and found a puddle in the simplest of places!

Episode Nine: Towering Over Your Head

This Mimikyu was caught dazed in awe at a giant daisy which stood high above him. He wondered to himself about the strong roots that stretched beneath him, how can such a plant stand with such grace otherwise? Mimikyu tends to walk a lonely path, waiting to find it's one true friend. Could this flower be his friend? Who knows...

Photographer's Notes: I managed to get my hands on the #Mimikyu figure whilst I was in Japan. The location of this image is a park around the corner from where I live. I feel very lucky that the UK is filled with lush green locations.

Episode Ten: Rollin'

Toy Photography by CuriousHerring of Geodude from Pokemon. This Geodude figure is from the G.E.M Brock Pokemon series

High up on the mountain tops, a Geodude drifts between the red stones, breaking his way through the cliff. Instead of journeying around or even over mountains, Geodude will dig its way through, no matter how hard the surface is, through to the other side.

Geodude stares out across the horizons, resting from the days work. Although he has been digging for almost 9 hours straight now, he continues to finish the job before dusk falls.

Photographer's Notes: My Dad lives in an incredible house in #France, located practically in the middle of nowhere. I took this image of #Geodude there, alongside a lot of other images of my #Nendoroids. It's amazing that a couple of weeks away from everything can really give you the chance to explore and work on the things you love the most.


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