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Discovering Britain - Waddesdon Manor

Standing tall amidst the woodland gardens sits is a place created by scattered fairy dust and touches of magic, and if you're quiet, and listen very hard, you may even spot a fairy tending the rose garden...

From Vine to Stone

Waddesdon Manor architecture shot through the leaves and trees
Through the Over Growth

The grounds of Waddesdon Manor captures the magic of a 16th century French château right in the heart of Buckinghamshire. The stone foundations date back to 1877, where it was further transformed by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild as a place summer house to escape London.

The year of 1883 brought celebrations as the house was completed. Its immense rooms filled with music, dancing, a steady flow of beverages, and home cooked foods.

The front of Waddesdon Manor looking out over the gardens
Overlooking the Garden

When destruction hit the world throughout WWII, the grounds accommodated 100 children, all of which were evacuated from the terrors which struck London.

In 1957 the manor, alongside 165 acres of gardens, was left to the National Trust. Its collective contents which fill its walls was also left in the hands of National Trust, which is available for all to enjoy. It is still managed by the Rothschild Foundation and is one of the National Trusts most visited properties.

It's easy to see why the manor is so popular. From it's luscious green gardens filled with colourful flowerbeds to the buildings gothic trimmings, there is plenty to see as you walk the grounds of Waddesdon...

Waddesdon Manor and gardens
Garden Pathways

It's glorious gardens are scattered with regal pathways which lead you through the woodlands that encase the grounds, decorated with vast amounts of delicate statues and stone features, adding even more to its quaintness.

Stone statue at Waddesdon Manor
Statues Built From Stone

This beautiful place is definitely another destination I'd recommend to any explorer, whether you have a love of history, or a love of dark architecture, it's a place that will leave you in awe of its majestic build.


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