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Curious Cotswolds - Castle Combe

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Sometimes, to continuously improve we continuously build. The likes of technological advancement has led to the creation of incredible architecture which almost makes you feel as though you've stepped straight into the future. However, some places are best left untouched, where time leaves it standing still, reminding us of an era which should never be forgotten.

Walking Through the Land of Lost Time

Cobbled streets of Castle Combe, Cotswolds
Cuddled up Cobbled Cottages in Castle Combe

Castle Combe is one of those places. As modern day architecture takes a hold of the world; skyscrapers reach the clouds and newly built homes stand like repetitive blocks against the horizon, the beauty of this village only intensifies as its quaint streets are left alone, becoming a rare, magical sight surrounded by a glass and concrete world.

Mystical woodlands grow densely, encircling this Wiltshire village which really helps preserve it. No new homes have been built here since 1600 AD, making its ancient streets even more desirable in this day and age. Some of the most iconic images of the Cotswolds are taken in Castle Combe, and it's pretty easy to see why...

The winding empty streets of Castle Combe, Cotswolds
Streets of Castle Combe

The ambling Bybrook River wades through its heart, and the village's lack of street lights, aerials, and electricity poles leave you feeling as though time has really forgotten it's even there at all. It's a hectic tourist destination in the summer as people flock to visit the winding streets and its quaint bridge which leads you out into the wild woodlands.

A part of me is dreaming of a white Christmas this year. If there is any town worth embracing the cold, dark, snowy abyss for, then Castle Combe is it.

Castle Combe buildings next to the Bybrook river in the Cotswolds
Over the Bridge

The clustered cottages which line its streets are layered with detail. Uneven rooftops and peculiar shaped frames are covered in an abundance of vines which creep across the village, into its darken woods. The origin of its name stems from a castle built there in the 12th century, however, its remains were destroyed long ago, but in its place now stands the glorious Manor House...

The Manor of Castle Combe

Castle Combe Manor covered in vines and green leaves in the summer time
Castle Combe Manor

I'm a sucker for a gothic building, and Castle Combe Manor did not disappoint. As you turn the corner to its vast open grounds, this beautiful build towers over you, overlooking the tranquil gardens. Its majestic stairs built from Cotswold stone lead you up into it's rolling flowerbeds and slim pathways through the evergreen.

As you wander the perfectly trimmed green lawns it's easy to discover more detailed architecture and stone statues which guard the grounds. It's as though a building which once was grew feet, then decided to just up and go, leaving it's dainty archways and garden decorations behind. Leaving a piece of it behind.

Castle Combe Manor garden
Secret Archways

The building is flooded with large windows, many of which are overgrown with leaves creating a magical yet secretive atmosphere. One of the best times of year to visit Castle Combe is in the Spring as the quaint town flourishes with colour. However, if you're a darker tourist and looking for a bit more of a gothic vibe, then winter is the time for you. As the leaves fall, Castle Combe is left bare, its vines crawling up its stone like veins stretching from its core.

Side of the building at Castle Combe Manor, Cotswolds.
Vine Covered Windows

Castle Combe Manor in Autumn with red and yellow leaves
Castle Combe's Autumn Gown

The Surrounding Area

Other local Cotswold destinations to visit near Castle Combe:

  • Biddestone - 3.7 miles

  • Corsham Court - 5.7 miles

  • Lacock - 7.1 miles

  • Malmesbury Abbey - 8.5 miles

Castle Combe Gallery


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