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My name is Alice Anderson and I'm a Photographer from the UK.

Throughout my childhood there was one friend who always put life into focus. My camera. Photography was always more of an enchanted world for me, capturing the beauty of a place, or the humanity of people when voices fell silent. I found it extraordinary that a moment in time could be frozen infinitely inside a little box of memories, filled with pictures that may never change, even when the subject matter does. It's the emotion. The nostalgia. A moment in time long forgotten brought back to life, or the awe that even in the darkest of places, a magical world can be found, if one simply takes the time to really see it. 

My other strongest passion throughout my childhood, and still to this very day, has been video games. The hours of adventure, encasing myself in a world I so desperately wanted to be a part of. Then one day I realised I really could become part of all. I just had to create it. 

Figure and Nendoroid photography soon became my favourite, setting up scenes and capturing the life of my figures at the click of a button. This hobby has grown into something otherworldly, where I spend an enormous amount of time and dedication creating miniatures and dioramas, seeking out settings, and creating scenes that made me feel part of gaming and movie worlds.


Alongside this more unfamiliar style of photography, my love for architecture and street photography has grown with it.

This passion for photography led me onto a road, which at first I was greatly scared to travel down, where photography became my main occupation. I was presented with the opportunity to work in the marketing department of an incredibly innovative and creative wrist-watch business. This has allowed me to expand my love and knowledge of photography in a different, commercial, environment and has encouraged me to explore and develop new areas of the photographer’s art. Throughout 2018 I became an Affiliate for a wonderful store, NendoWorld, alongside becoming a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo UK which has been a huge dream and honour for me. My love for the medium drives me to constantly strive for excellence so as to capture, create, and hopefully, inspire.


Affiliations and Partnerships

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